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Pencilbox Design Consultancy offers Brand Id creation

Brand Identity Creation

We design your complete brand identity right from the scratch and create various elements like Namification, punch lines, logo, interactive business cards, business communication kit, brand jingle and email signatures.

Pencilbox Design Consultancy offers Visual Merchandising solutions

Retail Visual Merchandising

We provide Visual Merchandising solutions to retail brands that includes façade designs, window designs, store layout, planogram and designing in-store elements like mannequins, nesting tables, POSMs and signages.

Pencilbox Design Consultancy offers trade shows and exhibition design solutions

Trade Shows and Exhibition Design

We conceptualize, design and execute creative booths and spaces for exhibitions, which are not been attempted by anyone across the globe.

Pencilbox Design Consultancy offers POSM design solutions

POSM Design

We design creative and interactive Point of Sale Materials that enhances brand visibility and influences customer buying behavior.

Pencilbox Design Consultancy offers quick refurbishments solutions for retail

Quick Refurbishments

We help retailers to change the complete look & Feel of their store in 70% lesser cost than store renovation cost and in just 3-7 nights. Without closing the store and without bad odor of the materials.

Pencilbox Design Consultancy offers quirky product  design solutions

Quirky Product Design

We design innovative and unconventional product solutions  collaborating closely with clients, we develop custom solutions that blend creativity with functionality, sparking curiosity, and delighting consumers while enhancing brand identity and driving market success.

Pencilbox Design Consultancy offers packaging design solutions


We design visually appealing and functional packaging that effectively showcase products and strengthen brand presence. By integrating innovative materials and optimizing the cost of production, we ensure that products stand out on shelves and resonate with target audiences.

Pencilbox Design Consultancy offers social design solutions

Social Design

We are always conscious and empathetic towards environment and complexed social challenges and keep designing impactful solutions that promote positive change within communities. Through Collaborative efforts, our social Design services aim to inspire collective action and create meaningful impact on local and global scales.

Firoze Mohammad, CEO

Bangladesh's APEX Footwear Ltd.

“We are thrilled with the way the Pencilbox Design team conceptualized and carried out the Visual Merchandising project. Not only did it provide stunning, attention-grabbing displays that drew many more walk-in customers to our premium store, but it also considerably raised our conversion rate. The number of walk-ins increased by 20%. Our consumers were quite complimentary of the in-store experience. Without a doubt, we''ll return to Pencilbox in the future for their design & visual merchandising services."

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